A Personal Website of a Computer Games Programmer

My name is Stuart Robb and I am a Scottish programmer who is an avid computer games enthusiast and fan of all things SiFi and Fantasy.

My life, since I was around five years old, has consisted of playing computer games and as such when it came time to choose what I wanted to do with my life there was only one choice for me.  I applied and was accepted onto the Computer Games Technology course at Abertay, were I got a chance to learn and expand my programming knowledge as well as learned a great deal about the industry.

I completed my Undergraduate in May 2009 after which I decided to improve my skills even further by going for a Postgraduate degree in Games Development again at Abertay.  This one year course gave me a chance to learn a lot more than just programming, as I choose optional modules in design, art and management, while also teaching me about professional practices expected from games developers.

Now that my student days are over I have been working for a media company in Aberdeen called AVC Media  where I have been the man in-charge of all things technical within my department.

I am most skilled at programming games, but my current role has required being able to adapt to be able to make solutions for a number of different problems and I have been able to significantly improve upon my problem solving skills as well as picking up new programming languages.

I invite you to look over my portfolio and CV and would very much like to hear from you if you have any feedback or information regarding opportunity’s you think I would be interested in.